22 08 2011

Because of the hemostasis and precision,

The laser is a boon in performing circumcision.

And, as I reported once before,

It’s value in hemophiliacs is even more,

Since hemorrhage is neither immediate nor belated,

Because the vessels are sealed and not coagulated.

Among Jews, circumcision is performed by Mohels,

And they circumcise babies to save their souls,

But, with non Jews, doctors perform the act,

Although the technique is not exact.

Now, many doctors who were trained by me,

Use the laser for Postectomy,

Because the procedure is hemostatic

And, later, pain free and pragmatic,

Since one can usually avoid a dressing,

Which makes the whole thing less distressing.

Three doctors, doing this, are worthy of mention,

Because have brought the operation to attention.

One, is a pediatric surgeon in Brazil,

And I am not sure if he is in practice still,

Another is in Thailand and Japan,

And he presents his technique whenever he can.

The third, who perhaps, does even more,

Practices in Singapore.

Now, on one of the many occasions when I was there,

I couldn’t resist the temptation to declare,

Which I did with a smile on my lips,

“You shouldn’t charge, because you get so many tips.”




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