22 08 2011

Both Kate Middleton’s great grandparents on her mother’s side

Apparently were Jewish, a fact they didn’t hide.

Now, there is something I wish to underscore,

That, according to Jewish law,

If your mother is Jewish, so are you,

And there is nothing about it you can do

This means that, even if she won’t confess,

Kate’s mother is a Jewess.

This means that so is Kate,

So now, what we must do, is wait.

Because, if she has a son, the funny thing ,

Is that England may one day have a Jewish king.

Then all sorts of speculations may arise,

Like what name to give him when his father dies.

Because, if it’s David he’ll be number two,

And Saul,or Soloman or Herod too.

But, at least there’ll be no problem making the decision

Whether or not to perform a circumcision.

British, in Hebrew, means the covenant of man,

So that’s why, to circumcise, they can.

But, he may be forced to abdicate,

If he finds pork or shellfish on his plate.

But, although things may be rather tough,

I think the British are broadminded enough,

To find a reasonable compromise,

So that their monarchy will not demise.

And that, of course will be very wise,

Even though Jews they may despise.

Now, I won’t live long enough to fulfill my wish,

That is to see the king of England eating gefilte fish.

And, also, if he’s religious, to grow a beard is the thing,

And, the national anthem will be “God shave the king.”




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