22 08 2011

For an atheist to be married to a religious Jewess,

Can succeed, only if there is no duress.

And Masha and I have lasted for fifty five years,

In relative calm and very few tears.

Masha, to her religion, tries to adhere,

And I try my best not to interfere.

For instance, every Friday night,

The Sabbath candles Masha will light,

And she says Kiddush while I stand by,

Even though I don’t know why.

I am not very fussy about what I eat ,

So I can certainly manage with kosher meat.

Masha doesn’t travel on Saturday,

And I don’t mind if at home I stay.

I diagnosed a malignancy at an early date

And she was treated successfully ’cause it wasn’t too late.

But, what I find extremely odd,

Is, instead of thanking me, she always thanks God.

But, that seems to be common to all patients who are Jews,

That, to give credit to the doctor they refuse.

But they are ready to blame him if things don’t go well,

And even wish to send him to hell.




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