22 08 2011

I am now in the midst of the tenth decade

And, by things I remember, I am sometimes dismayed.

For instance, when waterborne sewerage was non existent,

Our toilet was in the back yard and rather distant.

To go there in the daytime was alright,

But it was a nuisance to go there at night.

So, I found that, if I stood on the bed and aimed it right,

I could piss through the window into the night.

One night, while in the act,

A scream outside made me retract,

And, while pissing on the wall,

I heard my brother outside bawl.

“You bastard, I’ll kill you dead,

You’ve just been pissing on my head”

“I’m sorry I pissed you off”

I answered, and began to laugh.

It appears that, instead of going and returning through the door,

He had done so through the window once before.

This time, because he loved to drive,

To steal the car he thought he’d strive,

And, in order to keep everything quiet

By going through the window, he would try it.

Now, this is what happened as I recall,

The night my poor brother didn’t have a ball.

Now, to this story there’s a moral,

Believe it or not.

It’s: if you want to avoid a quarrel,

Get a pisspot.




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