Second Thoughts

22 08 2011

I seem to have lived my life twice,

Which, I think, is very nice.

Once, in reality,

And once in thought,

And the first, with the aid of the other, I tried to report.

But, when I think that I’ve done it all,

There appears an incident that I recall.

Today, without tending to be uncouth,

I remembered what happened in our youth

The atmosphere we lived in suited a prude,

So sexual acts were considered rude

Premarital sex was considered wrong,

And of virginity they made a dance and song.

And so, with so many things taboo,

What were we expected to do?

But, being young and sexually alert ,

To all sorts of alternatives we would revert.

From using condoms, we would refrain,

Because it was bathing with our socks on, we would maintain.

To have straight forward sex, we failed

Because, the fear of pregnancy prevailed.

So, instead of doing it by the book,

Other techniques we undertook

So, even though we pleased one another,

It was sex of one and half a dozen of the other.




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