25 08 2011

Israel is known as the holy land,

But most of it is covered by sand.

But the north is beautiful and very lush,

What with mountains and forests and streams that rush..

There are beaches and parks and even hot springs,

And museums and  theaters and other interesting things.

Like Jaffa and Cesarea with their ancient ports,

And Acre and Tiberius with their ancient forts.

It’s an archeologist’s  paradise ,

What with archeological sites of every shape and size.

There’s the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth,

And Massada, which makes a visit well worth.

Jerusalem, the capital, is a beautiful city,

But, it being a bone of contention is rather a pity.

Because it abounds with interesting sites to see,

And is a place where people would want to be.

The population consists mainly of Jews,

But there are also Arabs and Druse.

The weather is pleasant all year round,,

And places of entertainment abound.

On Mount Hermon you can ski,

Or bathe in the dead sea,

Or visit Tiberius, where the springs are hot

Or scuba dive in Cesarea or Eilat.

Now, because the country is so small,

In one day you can do it all.

So, it is an ideal place to live, one would believe,

So, why do so many people want to leave?

It is not only because we can’t make peace,

And quarreling among each other is unlikely to cease,

‘Cause it’s a democracy without a constitution

And political differences have no solution.

Besides that, every religion that’s represented there,

Has it’s zealots and its fanatics to spare,

So we’re not likely to have a government that’s worth it’s salt,

And corruption will most likely never halt

It is also a crying shame

To have a government that gives Israel a bad name.

But they say that a democracy has the government they choose

So they can blame it all on the Jews..

So, I think the function of Israel will always remain

A place for Jews to come to when living outside is in vain

When all of this, one is obliged to face,

There is, however, one saving grace,

That is that freedom of speech may yet prevail,

So, one can express one’s opinion without fail..




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