26 08 2011

In Israel, to have nice things said about you when you’re still alive,

Is most unlikely, no matter how hard you may strive.

This, particularly, applies to one’s peers,

Unless it can be associated with tears.

So, they will praise you and laud you to the skies,

As long as they’re sure you’re the one that dies.

And, as on one occasion I stated,

Your success is measured by the number if enemies created.

So, you wonder whether it is better to be loved or hated,

Or whether of what you achieved is approved or negated.

Since it is rare indeed to be appreciated.,

So, instead of being obliged to squirm,

You try to turn into a pachyderm

So, if people for you have no respect,

You make sure that on you it has no effect,

And you carry on doing what you do,

And hope that people won’t bother you.

Now, this you’ll do until you expire,

When they can eulogize you to their desire. .




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