26 08 2011

The country is falling apart

With a government that’s not worth a fart.

With a prime minister whose hands are tied,

But he thought he could release them if he lied.

The country is up in arms,

Because they no longer respond to his charms

With a parliament that passes laws

Which intend to close the doors,

To anything that smells of democracy,

Thus turning it into a hypocrisy.

It’s supposed to be the land of the Jews,

But, with all the conflicting views,

They will never be placid and content,

But, always on conflict be bent.

Jews are supposed to be kind hearted,

But that characteristic seems to have departed.

A Jew is also supposed to be devoted to his wife,

But, the murdering of wives is very rife.

So, I am sitting here and thinking,

Is our state in the mire sinking?

And will there have to be a war again

To unite us, and make us sane.




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