27 08 2011

To be mentally alert,

And unable yourself to assert,

I think, is a terrible curse,

And can hardly think of worse.

One of the greatest bothers,

Is to be dependent on others,

And favours to demand,

With your hat in your hand,

And be made to wait

Like a beggar at the gate,

And when you show impatience,

You jeopardise relations

With those on whom you depend,

Because, for yourself, you cannot fend.

Your feelings are constantly hurt,

Because you feel you’re treated like dirt.

And, because you cannot rely,

On those closest to you, you try

An alternative to find,

But always bearing in mind,

Never to offend,

A questionable friend,

By making a demand,

That he cannot stand,

So that you’ll have to face,

A possible disgrace,

And be chastised

Or punished otherwise.

And so you conclude

That you don’t care if you’re rude,

But, before you’re pushed over the brink,

You tell them exactly what you think.




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