5 09 2011

I used every opportunity, to stress without fail

That I wished to promote laser surgery and not it’s sale,

Because, I could not address a group if doctors and have them suspect,

That the purchase of the CO2 laser and not it’s use for surgery is the object.

That, with the company that manufactured it, I was not commercially involved,

So that, through it my financial problems were not solved.

But, although to convince them was my desire,

They thought that either I was an idiot or a liar.

But, my story was never bought,

And that I was an idiot, only Masha thought

Because, I ended up without a single share

In the company that my name would bare.

Now, that Masha is Jewish there is no doubt,

And she knows what Judaism is all about.

But, if further proof is ever needed,

That she qualifies, it must be conceded,

Because, she has the three things that all Jewesses share,

Their husbands are idiots, their children geniuses and they have nothing to wear.




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