8 09 2011

When I have a story to tell

I do so in rhyme because I can spell,

And when a story is told in rhyme,

It can save a lot of time,

Because one concentrates entirely on the gist,

And descriptions of scenery, physique and furnishings are missed.

To make a book very thick,

It seems to me that the trick,

Is, when one mentions the scenery,

One describes in detail the greenery,

And all about the plants and trees,

And whether they’re swaying in the breeze.

The characters that appear,

No matter when or where,

Are described in extreme detail,

Mentioning every organ without fail

And how they happen to be dressed,

And whether they’re happy, calm or depressed.

Also, in an attempt to make a tome,

The architectural details of every home

And the furnishings and decorations

From the roof to the foundations,

Are described in such extreme detail,

As though the place were up for sale.

They always eat in a restaurant, which takes two pages to describe,

Which says nothing about the details relating to the food they imbibe.

Now, most of this has really got

Very little to do with the plot,

And can easily be done without,

Leaving what the story is all about

And so, in the end,

What I recommend,

If you want to read a tale,

Do so in rhyme, without fail. .





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