11 09 2011

Command of the English language is difficult to achieve,

What with idioms, expressions and pronunciations, so hard to believe.

To say nothing of various accents and such things as rhyming slang,

And incomprehensible terms sometimes used when trying to harangue.

There is also a tendency now to use initials, acronyms and such,

Which results in English gradually becoming Double Dutch.

For this, the Americans seem to be the ones to blame

And they also have expressions which tend to inflame.

To me, to call a man an asshole seems to be inane,

As well as a fruitcake for one that is insane.

There are also changes in spelling which the Americans made,

Which, to me is acceptable, because they still call a spade a spade.

In modern literature, foul language is used more and more

And there are words used frequently which were never used before.

So, I find myself sometimes writing with my tongue in my cheek,

Because, although I want to be decent, I don’t want to appear a freak.





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