11 09 2011

Nobody loves me any more,

And they probably think I’m just a bore

And I suppose that that is probably true,

But, at my age, what can I do?

But, at least, as far as I can tell,

I seem to be functioning fairly well,

Because I can still write and read,

And make my own coffee when there’s a need.

So, if I tend to forget what I wanted to say,

And put it off till another day,

It doesn’t matter, ‘cause, if you sum up the score,

The chances are that I’ve said it before.

nd so, I keep going as best I can,

Trying to pretend that I’m not an old man.

While grunting and moaning now and again,

I’m glad that I’m still reasonably sane.

And, if matters don’t happen to get worse,

I hope to continue writing in verse.




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