12 09 2011

As long as we stay alive

Our pharmacist can thrive.

‘Cause we have pills of every shape and size,

Intended to delay our demise.

We have pills to stop our blood from clotting

And pills to stop our brains from rotting.

We have pills to treat our pain,

Although it seems to be in vain.

And we have pills to help our urination,

And pills to treat our constipation.

There are pills to help us stay awake,

But, to sleep, there are pills we take

We have pills to treat anemia

And pills to prevent cerebral ischemia.

There are pills in case we get infected,

Something that can be expected

We have pills, in case we get a stitch

And pills in case we start to itch.

Also pills if we happen to cough and sneeze,

As well as pills if we ever start to wheeze.

And so, you see, there are lots of pills,

To keep us alive and treat our ills.

And, if my wife could have her way ,

I’d be taking them all each day




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