12 09 2011

When Lord Owen was minister of health of the U.K,

During a visit to Israel, one day,

To see me operate with the laser, he expressed the desire,

And I was contacted and asked what I would require.

Since he was a doctor, I naturally agreed

And arrangements were made with the utmost speed.

So, after in theatre clothes he was dressed,

He witnessed major surgery, and apparently was impressed,

Because he bought a laser and consulted me

As to where, in England, I thought it should be.

Now, for the excision and primary grafting of a third degree burn,

The laser has the advantage of haemostasis and sterilization in turn,

And in Birmingham a well known burns unit existed,

So, to place the laser there I insisted.

So that’s how England got it’s first CO2 laser,

In the hope that they would become a real trail blazer.

Once on a visit to Sydney in Australia.

I came with all the necessary paraphernalia,

And was able to work with Dr Earl Owen

Who, as the pioneer of microsurgery was known.

He was able to demonstrate without a doubt,

What microsurgery with the CO2 laser was all about.

So, I was privileged to have known

Both Lord and Earl Owen

Because, at the end of the day,

Each was noble in his own way






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