25 09 2011

My late brother’s grandson is called Levine

Someone that , incidentally, I have never seen

Politically, he’s extremely right

And, as a member of the Knesset, he thinks he might,

Instigate laws that can give rise to fright

In those who happen to be rather bright,

Because democracy they tend to undermine,

And respect for our state will certainly decline.

Now this may result in him having dubious fame,

But Masha is delighted because it’s me she can blame

And she never refers to him by his name,

But insists on calling him “your relation”

As though I’m responsible for his creation,

And therefore also for how he thinks

While every pronouncement of his stinks.

And so, when all is said and done,

I am glad to be the one

Who provides her with so much satisfaction

By being blamed for his every stupid action.

She also tends to stand aside and gloat,

While she rams him down my throat,

So she should stop harping on the son of my niece,

And by doing so, leave me in peace




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