3 10 2011

To us Jews, celebration,

Is synonymous with mastication,

And, life is either bad or good

Depending on the quality of the food.

We also have no compunction ,

With food to highlight every function.

On every holiday, when we meet,

There is a special dish that we eat.

On the Sabbath, for instance, it is tjolent we eat

Made of oats, potato, beans and meat,

And stuffed intestine, cooked for days,

Prepared and served in many ways.

On Passover, it’s matza balls and gefilte fish,

Followed by a meaty dish,

And topped off by something sweet,

All of which you try to eat.,

While to make matsa balls the wives compete.

On every occasion we eat till we’re about to burst,

And drink more than is needed to quench our thirst.

On the television, whenever you look,

There’s a program on how to cook.

Therefore, we’re convinced that it’s a bad mistake

That it’s not our custom to have a wake

Now, that is why, to make punishment of Jews to last,

The thing to do is make them fast.




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