3 10 2011

Once someone happened to observe,

That people have the government they deserve.

And, when one thinks of the corruption and crime,

And the fatal accidents that happen all the time,

And the bigotry and discrimination,

That seems to characterize our nation,

One wonders if it isn’t true,

That our government is really due.

Then, suddenly we hear the music played

And see the talent that’s displayed

All of which leaves us dismayed.

Also what we’ve achieved in the technological field,

And what our scientists and physicians were able to yield.

In literature as well we don’t lag behind,

And even in sport some success we can find.

So, when one bears all this in mind,

Instead of a feeling of depression and disgust,

We feel so proud that we can bust,

And, the government we have, we don’t deserve

Because our self respect we should be able to preserve..




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