9 10 2011

Today, I’m making it my duty

To discuss the question of beauty.

It is really no surprise,

That, in women the question will always arise.

People tend to concentrate on the face,

Where beauty mainly has it’s place.

It is worthy of mention from the start,

That each individual feature plays a part..

So, first I wish to say,

That the nose should be small and  retrouse

The eyes should be bright and shine,

And the ears  not protrude, but recline.

The cheek bones should be prominent,

And the chin slightly dominant

So much, then, for the face, as a whole

But the figure also plays a role,

And the following is the rule of thumb,

Prominent breasts and a smallish bum

Long legs, and a narrow waist,

But the rest is a matter of taste.

Now, this will give rise to much attraction,

And, in the midriff, men will feel the reaction

But, if it all depends on that,

Every man should call himself Tat




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