9 10 2011

Today I sat around and thought,

About what in my youth I was taught,

And decided that it was quite a feat,

Jewish food to learn to eat.

For instance, it’s not only gefilte fish

That is a typical Jewish dish,

But they chop liver and herring too,

And make ptchar which tastes like glue.

Most of their fruit is overripe,

And on the Sabbath they serve stuffed tripe.

Now, all that being as it may,

What I really want to say,

Is that a Jewish housewife’s reputation stands or falls,

By the quality of her matsa balls.

Some are made with treated matsa meal,

And some, in order to improve their appeal,

Are embellished by making a hole,

Which is then filled and called a soul.

But matsa balls are not only a culinary item,

But a subject of discussion ad infinitum.

Now I am certainly not a glutton

And prefer beef or mutton,

So, with Jewish food I can do without,

So, I suppose, that’s what this is all about.




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