17 10 2011

People may find me quite amusing,

Because, to admit I don’t hear, I keep refusing.

One would think that a hearing aid would make my day,

But, this is not true in any way,

Because, I find it a terrible bitch,

Since it causes a terrible itch.

So, I pretend to understand what people say,

And hope that my answer doesn’t give me away.

In the main, I answer by nodding or shaking my head,

In the hope that they think I know what they said.

Now, if you think that this is a terrible bind,

I have another of a different kind.

I have a memory like a sieve,

And, the problems it causes are hard to conceive,

Because I forget what it was I wanted to say,

And, in the midst of a conversation I’m held at bay

So, all in all, I must admit,

That socially I’m in the shit,

So, that is why I’m usually quiet,

While being anti-social I deny it.

So, what with other faults I wonder why,

To continue to function I always try.

And ,I suppose as time goes by

I’ll come to the conclusion that I forgot to die.





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