28 10 2011

I have been writing about myself too much

And thought that I should write about such

As our nation or our land,

Where buildings are slowly replacing the sand.

We are likely to end up with buildings, roads and over passes,

Which will replace trees, plants and even grasses.

It is supposed to be a land flowing with milk and honey,

But both are imported and cost us money.

We have the capacity to make anything at all,

And do manufacture things both big and small.

But there is one thing to make that we are unable.

And that is peace, which would make conditions more stable.

We have talent, beyond imagination,

And should be a thriving nation,

But, the differences among us are such,

That they are really much too much.

Some of us are extremely aggressive,

Because they are extremely possessive,

While some would like to see this aggression cease

In the hope that it would lead to peace.

And, in the meantime we all try to cope,

Because, maybe there is still some hope.




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