13 11 2011

Today our marriage enters it’s fifty sixth year,

A very long time, it would appear,

The fifty five years had a harmonious passage,

But ended in the need for a frequent massage,

Because, fibro myalgia is what Masha had,

Which causes her pain that is very bad.

Today, Masha feels up to shit

And Reuben is here to do his bit,

And this is what gives her hope,

And also helps her to cope.

As I sit in my study and look around,

A dozen photographs of her can be found.

Which reminds me that one day,

A visitor saw them on display,

And said that, if many pictures of one’s wife are found,

It suggests that one is playing around.

I informed him, that with us, fidelity was never in question,

So, the photographs remain a mere suggestion..

And so, for fifty fife years we have been together,

And all our problems we have managed to weather,

And, at the end of the day,

We are looking forward to continuing this way




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