15 11 2011

Compliments in Istael are seldom paid,

Unless to rest you are being laid.

But then you are lauded to the skies,

Even if the compliments may be lies,

Because about the Jews it is said,

That they never speak ill of the dead.

So, I am waiting patiently,

For good things to be said about me,

Even though I won’t be here,

To see my loved one’s shed a tear.

I am nevertheless quite relieved,

To think of what I have achieved.

I think my life was not a waste,

Although whatever I did, I did in haste.

To save time I always tried,

And procrastination I denied.

If an operation could be performed faster,

To prolong it could cause a disaster.

And, if a small operation can suffice,

To do a big one isn’t very nice,

Because, although for your ego it may be good,

By the patient, it won’t be understood.

To operate you can easily learn,

But, when to refrain, should be your concern .

Now, to Laser Surgery this particularly applies,

You must know exactly what you’re doing, otherwise,

You can play around till you’re blue in the face,

And never really get any place..

The laser should become part of you,

And, you should know exactly what you can do.

So, before you even start to use it,

Get properly trained so as not to abuse it.

You will then experience gratification,

With every successful operation.

Now all this and more I tried to teach,

And at meetings tried to preach,

And, whether it’s appreciated or not,

I really cannot care a jot,

Because, when the time for assessment comes around,

I’ll be unable to hear the slightest sound.




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