21 11 2011

The Venus de Milo might not have arms,

But that certainly doesn’t detract from her charms.

And Michael Angelo’s David, although uncircumcised

Is the most perfect sculpture ever devised.

And, in spite of the horns, his Moses is too,

And there is nothing better anyone can do.

Also, if with the Mona Lisa, one would like to compete

It would indicate nothing more than conceit

Now, many sculptors and painters of the past,

Never fail to leave me quite aghast,

And, even if photography can compete, is true,

They should be given the credit that is due.

There are some who are rather smart,

And use this as an excuse for modern art.

But, somehow, me it fails to move,

Because, on .those paintings they cannot improve.

So, let modern art be what it may,

That it impresses me, I cannot say.





One response

23 11 2011

Nice one Isaac

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