21 11 2011


I seem to be a cantankerous old soul


And hypercritical on the whole,


But, there was a time when a pioneering attitude prevailed,


And to try to do his bit nobody failed.


Everyone was left to his own fate,


And no one looked into his plate.


The population was one tenth of what it is today,


And everyone his part tried to play.


Today we have a government of which I’m not proud,


And our best Prime Minister was wrapped in a shroud,


And people are clamoring for the release


Of the one who assassinated him and prevented peace.


In our parliament, corruption is rife,


And, to remain a democracy, has become a strife


Some members of parliament, ministers and more,


Are sitting in jail only before


Others are convicted, and to join them they must,


And that in itself is a cause for disgust


The prime minister blows his own horn,


And claims to have fought the British before he was born.


Crime is rampant, and the police can’t cope


So, to feel safe, there is little hope.


The settlers in the occupied land,


Cause trouble to beat the band.


They burn mosques and cut down trees,


And the Arabs from their land, try to squeeze,


And with approval, this seems to meet,


By a government that has cold feet. .


Physicians , no longer have a noble profession,


And their desire for money has become an obsession


Their practice has become computerized,


And bedside manner is completely despised.


People are killed in cars and trains,


And our airport is such that endangers planes.


A quarter of our children are malnourished,


While to raise MK’s salaries is encouraged.


So, to you, dear reader, I appeal,


Is my criticism imagined or real? 




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