23 12 2011

A Jewish Democratic State, they claim,


But, democracy is inappropriate in the name,


Because, laws were passed that retract ,


From democracy being a fact.


More laws they are now trying to pass,


To make women citizens of second class.


Now, if a democracy is true to it’s name,


The rights of men and women are the same.


But, they are already separated at places of prayer,


And some can’t attend plays or concerts if men are there.


They want to keep them apart on busses and trains,


As well, of course, on aeroplanes.


They don’t want men to listen when women sing,


Because they think that it is a terrible thing.


On billboards in the streets they don’t want women to be seen,


Because, they apparently think a female face is obscene,


So, we’re becoming like Afghanistan,


When they were controlled by the Taliban.


So, I want to point out,


And let there be no doubt,


That, the separation of the sexes in a true democracy,


Only happens in a public lavatory.






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