27 12 2011

There was a Jew who was orthodox,


Who, in his room had a box,


Where he kept the instruments he used


When his wife, he abused.


Eventually she made a stink,


But they didn’t want anyone to think


That there was trouble in the community,


Which boasted of it’s unity.


So, she was left without any hope,


And, on her own she had to cope.


So, she took her kids and ran away,


And is missing till this day.


But, her husband keeps on praying,


That the Almighty will tell him where she’s staying


Because she has no right away to run,


And deprive him of his fun


Now, there’s a moral to this story,


Although it might sound rather gory,


It’s, if an abuser you want to be,


Keep your wife under lock and key  




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