8 01 2012

I am ninety two years old,


But, still have a story worth being told.


It concerns a Scottish farmer, who, while working in his field


Heard someone screaming while for help he appealed.


He went to see what it was all about,


And found a boy in a bog unable to get out.


He was stuck in the mud up to his waist,


So he pulled him out with the utmost haste.


Shortly thereafter what happened was that


He was visited by an aristocrat.


Who claimed that the boy in the bog was his son,


And he wanted to reward him for what he had done.


But the farmer claimed that payment was not needed,


Because he was glad that to save the boy he succeeded.


Just then, the farmer’s son happened to appear,


And the nobleman said that he had an idea.


He then turned round, and calmly stated,


That he would arrange for the boy to be educated


To the same extent as that of his own son,


Because, if he was like his father, he would be a deserving one.


So the boy studied medicine , and became a physician of fame,


Because he discovered Penicillin since Femister was his name.


Because this discovery happened to occur,


He was eventually knighted and became a Sir.


Now, his sponsor was Sir Randolph Churchill,


Whose son, later, with pneumonia became seriously ill


But he was saved by penicillin, I am glad to say,


And what Winston achieved is known to this day.








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20 01 2012

מקסים אייזיק. נהניתי לקרוא.

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