14 02 2012

A Mashulach is usually a religious Jew,


Who is sent abroad in order to do


Whatever he can, without pause,


To raise funds for some charitable cause.


Now, because they are orthodox,,


They wear black coats and long white socks.


In Kroonstad, where we had our home,


Regularly, once a year one would come.


Without question, my father donated,


Because he felt quite obligated.


One day, during the course of conversation,


My father asked, for what cause was his occupation.


He said ‘‘if on knowing, you insist,


It’s a widow who without me can’t exist.’’


And who is this widow who to you owes her life?’’


To tell you the truth, it is my wife.”


But your wife isn’t a widow, I see”


“”So, what do you care if I continue to be?”   




One response

30 01 2017
Lydia Reinowitz

These are beautiful truthful poems by a very special surgeon! I enjoyed reading about his life & his discovery! Dr. Isaac Kaplan will live on till the end of time with his miraculous work & rhyme!

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