30 04 2012

I have just turned ninety three,

And no one is more surprised than me.

I am still able to function,

And to  voice my opinion have no compunction.

Whether it be cruel or kind,

I still speak my mind.

But, I think I might as well give it up,

And refrain from looking at the half empty cup,

Because, no matter how much I complain,

It all seems to be in vain.

So, to complain there is no call

Since ,I think that I have said it all

So, I should look at the bright side of things,

Whatever it is the future brings

Because, if anything happens to go wrong,

I know that it cannot last long

So, instead  of sitting around, waiting to die,

To continue to read and write, I think I must try.

And now, with those who may regard me as a winner,

I am sitting down to dinner

Because that happens to be the way

We are celebrating my birthday





One response

3 05 2012

מוטב מאוחר מאשר אף פעם…
יום הולדת שמח אייזיק

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