10 05 2012

Doctors tell me that I must walk

But, from that I tend to balk.

I started to drive when I was twelve,

And walking , since then, I tended to shelve.

By eighteen, I had my own car,

And, always drove, even if not so far.

To say, I won’t get anywhere by being lazy,

Is a statement that I think is rather crazy.

Because, operations I devised all took less time,

And, what I wish to say I do in rhyme,

Because, otherwise I would tend to pad,

Something that would drive me mad.

Now, till ninety three I’ve managed to survive,

And I might even live till ninety five,

But, if I walk, I might even reach ninety seven,

Which doesn’t guarantee that I’ll go to heaven.

So, to me, the doctors might as well stop talking

About how important it is for me to start walking,

Because I haven’t done so for eighty one years,

And, so far it didn’t cause any tears.




One response

6 09 2012

RIP Isaac.

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