Dear prospective reader, whoever you may be,

I am nearing ninety three,

And what I have written you can see.

I hope it’s my contribution to posterity,

Because that would certainly please me.

Most of the time, I am sitting at home,

Busy writing poem after poem,

But, whether it’s a worthy occupation,

And justifies congratulation,

Is a matter of speculation.

But, it doesn’t really matter

If me you would like to flatter,

Because, the time is drawing near,

When I no longer will be here.

And so, at the end of the day,

In conclusion, I wish to say,

Read what follows, if you may,

But, if on rejecting it you insist,

You will never know what you missed.


4 responses

10 09 2011
Harry Kallmann

The Professor is an old old friend of mine, whom I have admired ever since I met him over half a Century ago and with whom I am in touch until this very moment.
All I can wish him, his wife Masha and all his family is continued health and happiness until both of us will meet and where I hope to sit near him when we all meet our Maker.
Keep going Isaac

10 09 2011
Harry Kallmann

I love you Isaac

10 09 2011
Merle Bogatie

Absolutely amazing! If my brain were half as agile as yours, I would consider myself blessed.

11 09 2011
Neil Kramer

Dear Isaac,
Reading your new material is once again a real breath of fresh air. Keep it up. We miss you and your beloved Masha
Neil and Shirley. London UK

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